Active Inventory Monitoring

StockAid actively monitors your inventory so you can purchase the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time.

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Why Choose Stockaid?

StockAid is the definitive inventory solution for QuickBooks. With seamless integration with your QuickBooks account, monitoring your inventory is as simple as syncing your data, setting a few parameters, and pressing run. Turn order recommendations into purchase orders and email vendors all from within the app.

Hosted in the Cloud

Available 24/7/365. It’s your data on your schedule.

Automatic Monitoring

Run an ad hoc analysis or setup a nightly process, allowing StockAid to actively monitor your business’s sales trends and cycles, keeping you on top of your purchasing needs without even lifting a finger.

Integration with QuickBooks

Sync your data with QuickBooks Online, Desktop, or Enterprise.

Multi-Level Bill of Materials (BOMs)

Top-level demand pushes all the way down the BOM chain, making sure you’ve got everything you need from the nuts and bolts to the final assembly.

Historical & Predictive Charts

View by usage, direct sales, and BOMs. Graphical displays show you trends and patterns in a form that makes sense.

Turn Order Recommendations into Purchase Orders

Set a vendor and a shipping type for a group of items. Click once to create a purchase order. Click once more to export to QuickBooks Online. StockAid automatically emails a copy to the vendor if you choose. Click-click-click-done. Time for coffee.

Fine Tuned Item Control

Set a wide range of parameters including Service Levels, Minimum Order Qtys, Lead Times, Lot Multiples, and Discontinued Products / Phase Out items.

New Product Introductions

No history? No problem. Copy history from an existing product to generate a forecast for a new product introduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

StockAid is a cloud-based inventory and purchasing solution for companies that find it expensive or time consuming to manage their inventory levels. StockAid syncs with accounting software and analyzes historic sales to make up-to-date and statistically confident purchase order recommendations.
StockAid virtually eliminates the time consuming task of tallying up how much you should buy of each product to replenish your inventory. With StockAid you can reduce your time spent on purchasing down to less than 5 minutes a day. We make sure you purchase the right product, at the right time, in the right quantity.
StockAid is currently integrated with QuickBooks Online and all desktop versions of QuickBooks (e.g. Pro, Premier, Enterprise). Data integration is seamless with QuickBooks Online through Intuit Single Sign-on. Desktop versions make use of the Intuit provided QuickBooks Web Connector. We will be integrating with other account packages, such as FreshBooks and Xero, as we mature our main feature set.
StockAid is not yet directly integrated with any POS system. Shopify provides a free plugin for syncing with QuickBooks Online and, from there, data can be subsequently synced with StockAid. We hope to be able to provide integration with several of the most popular restaurant POS systems soon.
Syncing your QuickBooks Online data with StockAid is as simple as clicking a button in your web browser. Integrating with desktop versions of QuickBooks requires use of the QuickBooks Web Connector, which is provided by Intuit for free. The Web Connector is a small program that is installed on the same computer as QuickBooks and acts as a data upload interface to web based software like StockAid.
The amount of sales history that you have to import is usually the most important factor affecting the length of time that an initial sync with StockAid might take. Hundreds of thousands of sales orders may take a few hours to process. Subsequent syncing with StockAid is incremental and is usually performed daily. These syncs shouldn't take more than a minute or two. All data syncs can be performed overnight.
We have tested some beta functionality with comma separated value (CSV) imports, but there are technical limitations around displaying thousands of sales order in the StockAid UI, so we have not published this capability. Please email us directly at to discuss your CSV imports on a case by case basis.
Yes. StockAid takes you privacy and security very seriously. We only collect accounting data relevant to the level of sales of your items. We do not collect data about your company, employees, payroll or any other personal data. All data is transferred with industry-standard encryption. Please see our privacy policy for more information.
We would love to hear from you! Please email us at with any questions or concerns you may have. Registered users also have access to phone support.
Voltteware is a software development firm based in Charleston, South Carolina. StockAid is our flagship product.

More questions? Please email us at

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